Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Axapta - Selection Considerations

Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Axapta – Selection Considerations

During the years of our consulting practice, which comes returned to East Europe within the mid 1990th after which keeps in the USA, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Oceania, Germany, Canada – we would really like to orient you – enterprise owner, IT director or software programmer. The selection procedure can take several months and you can come to be with a non-Microsoft solution. We will give you our Microsoft Business Solutions merchandise serving the factor of view.

Small, midsize or huge business. In our opinion – this changed into the to-be-or-now not-to-be question of overdue 1990th while in case you are a public enterprise you had to persist with wealthy capability ERP: SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials. When SQL database systems dropped within the charge and Microsoft SQL Server is available for all of the budget alternatives – you could stake on midmarket ERP solution to serve even massive employer

Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Axapta - Selection Considerations

Great Plains, Navision or Axapta. Great Plains became purchased with the purchase of Great Plains Software, Navision and Axapta have been products of Navision Software and opened the European door for Microsoft. Again – this is what we see from our experience serving clients in those areas and this might now not be reliable Microsoft positioning. We don’t have any intention to do professional product positioning here in this small article. Great Plains is famous in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland, Middle East, Pakistan, UK, Oceania, Latin America (in Brazil Navision appears to be formally promoted). Navision has a completely robust position in Europe, plus it has a completely matured marketplace within the USA due to 1990th advertising and marketing efforts of Navision Software.

We also see that Microsoft promotes Navision at the so-called emerging markets: Russia, Brazil (in which it attempts to compete with Microsiga and other nearby ERPs). Axapta is new ERP and it’s far targeted to big organizations and so we would say that it has wealthy functionality and can be taken into consideration an alternative bid to Oracle, SAP or PeopleSoft

ERP Selection Advises. When you choose corporate ERP you need to reflect on consideration on the product existence cycle. If the product is within the segment-out mode – you genuinely don’t want to do new purchase and implementation. On the other hand – if a product does not have a dependable supplier in the back of and is very modern – you have to additionally practice a part of conservatism.

Industries. We are confident in all the goods: GP, Navision and Axapta to automate those industries: Aerospace & Defense, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Hospitals, Insurance, Textile, Apparels, Services, Placement & Recruiting, Apparels, Beverages, Logistics & Transportation, Food, Restaurants Supply Chain Management, Gold & Mining, Jewelry, Consignment, Wholesale & Retail, Advertising & Publishing

Microsoft Great Plains, Navision, Axapta - Selection Considerations

Legendary Strength of C/SIDE database – the history of Navision design reveals the primary desires to have its very own proprietary database with the built-in capabilities of database transaction integrity. As some distance, because the database is proprietary – Navision can manage its and music it to serve its application. You can have users use the gadget closely and suddenly close down the strength – when electricity is lower back on – Navision might be in the identical true shape. The 2nd purpose became to provide a sturdy graphical interface.

What is the quantity of your statistics? – Navision becomes, in the beginning, concentrated on mid-size and big agencies. Now, but, Microsoft is trying to target it to large groups with state-of-the-art production. In this case, you can expect a large extent of statistics – Microsoft SQL Server is higher placed to deal with that.

Do you’ve got an MS SQL Server Administrator? – Microsoft publicizes that MS SQL Server is moving to “zero-upkeep wished”, however, we would love to alert you – if you use Navision – you’re a more likely mid-size or huge employer. In this case, you should have any person to cozy your database – within the case if you would really like to set up MSSQL Server.